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Bermuda grass pollen is a major cause of summer allergies. Even if you mow your lawn regularly, three or four days later you will see these little finger-like flowers grow out and start to release pollen.
Just a gentle wind may be enough to get the bermuda pollen into the air. If you have to be out on the grass in the late afternoon when the evening breeze comes up make sure that you have taken your prescription nasal sprays and anti-histamines.

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We are particularly interested in helping those who have previously given up on allergy shots because of large local reactions or failure to progress to an effective dose. Very often these are highly allergic individuals who have the most to gain from this treatment. People who avoid leaving the house on a windy day, who get sick for days after mowing a lawn, who catch one cold after another, who are considering leaving the state because of their miserable allergies, all are good candidates for another try at immunotherapy.
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